FCB Health + TB Alliance 

The Brief: TB Alliance wants to shift the Tuberculosis conversation in India towards children, and encourage both mothers and health care workers to get more kids screened for the disease.  

As part of a six week collaboration between FCB Health, TB Alliance and SCAD, our group of 12 students developed multiple solutions for the client. Out of respect for the nature of this project and its confidentiality, below is a glimpse into the process we took to our final solution.


Our team of 12 students was a mix of Art Directors, Copywriters, and Graphic Designers. Creatives turned strategist, planner and researcher.


After the initial briefing from the FCB Health, we began by learning anything and everything we could about Indian culture and the Tuberculosis epidemic. 



Concept. Concept. Concept.

In order to reach the target audience, we focused our brainstorming on the key insights found in our research. 

The results yielded 50+ ideas for executions ranging from “Floating Money Trucks” to a “Loogie Contest”.


Back to the drawing board:

Although we had many interesting tactics they needed a platform idea to stand on. We went back in search of the big ideas hidden in our early concepts; developing a collection of new campaign ideas.


The Pitch

We had the opportunity to not only pitch our ideas to the creatives at FCB Health but also to the client TB Alliance.

Our final pitch consisted of 4 campaign ideas formed out of our cultural insights. 


SCAD Collaborative Learning Center

My Role: AD / Project Coordinator