Rapid Recall

Rapid Recall is a multiplayer game, which relies on face to face, in person, and verbal forms of communication. Our goal was to adapt the physical game to a digital interface.

In order to make it fun and engaging for players of all ages, we focused on the ease and clarity of use. To maintain the personality of this 1990's game, we created a pass n' play style tablet game. Perfect for parties and road trips or any other multiplayer use. 



The Board Game

1990's multiplayer memory game. 

How it's played: Two teams, compete to remember and recall answers to the given clues. With limited time, of course. 


User Persona: Jeremy

Freshman in college with a love for soccer and fascination for history. Most of his time is spent hangin' with his homies, playing soccer and making up games with whatever they have at hand.

Jeremy loves his independence, but he's secretly a mama’s boy. He didn’t go far for college and often finds his way back home for dinner with the fam on the weekends.


Creative Team: Reese Stevens, Michelle Compton & Abigail Toon

My Role: AD / Gif Queen