Rapid Recall Interface Design

Oct. 3, 2016

Rapid Recall is a multiplayer game, which relies on face-to-face and verbal forms of communication. Our goal was to adapt the physical game to a digital interface. To make it fun and engaging for players of all ages, we focused on the ease and clarity of use. To maintain the personality of this 1990's game, we created a pass n' play style tablet game.

Done in collaboration with Reese Stevens, Abigail Toon, and Michelle Compton. 

Tens Unit Redesign

Sept. 14,2016

Interface redesign for Kedsum’s TENS Unit. Kedsum's goal is to make the consumer’s life easier with convenient products for efficient day-to-day living. TENS units are a form of electro stimulation used in athletic training and sports medicine. This portable TENS unit is designed to be small and easy to use, but users found it to be oversimplified, creating more problems during use. Our team helped identify and solve these peoblems.

Done in collaboration with Reese Stevens, Abigail Toon, and Michelle Compton. 


User Identified Problems:

- Automatically begins stim when turned on
- No start/stop/pause button
- Allows user to change modes once the program and timer begin.
- No view screen (light up) function without changing settings.
- Instructions not translated, no clear understanding of features and functions.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 12.36.08 PM.png

RPA Summer Internship

June - Aug. 2016

Spent the summer as an Art Director intern at RPA in Santa Monica, CA along with 6 other creative interns. I Had a blast working at an agency for the first time and fell in love with LA in the process.

What my intern homies and I would look like as RPA illustrations up on the wall. According to fellow summer intern Nathan Tamburello.

RPA Intern: Honda Dream Deals

Aug. 17,2016

Created banner ads and social posts for the Honda Dream Deal Sales Event, with copywriter Jesse Rice.

One of the things they never talk about in school, is how it feels to be served your own ad. It's pretty awesome to know the things you make actually get seen, even if they are just banner ads.


RPA Intern: Dole not Dull

July 22. 2016

During the internship my copywriter and I got to assist an AD/CW team on the Sunshine Times emails for Dole; a project which turned out to be much more than an email. Not only did we help brainstorm content for the email, we also got to help produce a Tasty style "how to" video for the email.

More Dole...

My awesome copywriter Lindsay Kelly and I got to head our own Dole emails for their Dole Mixations and Fruitocracy products. This meant pitching to the client directly (aka. over the phone) and going through multiple client reviews and revisions before landing on a final direction.